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6 Bottles Birdnest Set Promo

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Free West Malaysia shipping | Beauty In The Nest
Free West Malaysia shipping
2grams Dry Bird's Nest | Beauty In The Nest
2grams Dry Bird's Nest
100% Vacuum Packed | Beauty In The Nest
100% Vacuum Packed

 Rock Sugar Flavour - 3 bottles (75ml)

 Red Dates Goji Berry - 3 bottles (75ml)

Each Contains:

2 grams of Dried Birdnest

1 gram of Collagen

✅100% Vacuum Packed

✅100% Pure and Genuine Bird's Nest

✅ Halal Certified

❌No Preservatives

❌No Bleaching

❌No Artificial Colouring

❌No Artificial Flavouring

❌No Adulterants

❌No Additives

Expire date please refer to cap of bottle