What Is Bird's Nest

What Is Bird's Nest

The 400 year old unique superfood

We are talking about the nests of a specific kind of bird - the swiftlet that is native to Southeast Asia. Instead of using twigs or sticks, the remarkable swiftlet makes its nest entirely out of solidified saliva which is secreted from well-developed salivary glands in their mouth that enlarge during the breeding season - weaving them delicately in a neat mesh pattern.

The Swiftlet’s Home

In the wild, swiftlets build their nests on the high walls of large limestone caves which make it dangerous for harvesters to climb and retrieve. This makes wild-harvested bird’s nest rarer and more expensive.

Modern bird’s nest farms construct concrete buildings (also known as swiftlet houses) which are a much safer and cleaner environment for both man and bird.

100% Swiftlet Friendly

Once baby birds learn to fly, the entire family abandons the nest for an adventure in the skies until they build another nest during the next mating season. Only empty nests are collected, to prevent overharvesting.

Superfood of Empresses

Empress Wu Ze Tian, famous for her beauty, was known to eat bird’s nest soup during the Tang Dynasty. Bird's nest is rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that stimulates tissue repair and collagen regeneration for smooth and radiant skin.

Packed Full Of Nutrients

The high content of proteins, amino acids and minerals found in bird’s nest are essential for healthy cell development, muscle repair and healing from chronic issues. In healthy adults, they help to boost the immune system and protect against infection from external environmental stressors.