Beauty In The Nest Story

Beauty In The Nest Story

A Simple Idea - To Create Something Better

When our founder was looking to buy dried bird's nest for his family, he realised that most of the ready-to-drink bird's nest products available were vague in their contents, nutritional value, sources and processes of their products.

Simple questions like how many grams of bird's nests used or where these bird's nests were from or information on the cleaning process could not be answered easily.

From The Beginning

This began a journey that took our founding team to do many research to create the best product for our customers. At last we found this vacuum packed technology is much better than fresh boil birdnest in Malaysia due to it storage period is longer and no preservative added. 

Re-Imagining the Industry

In 2022, Beauty In The Nest was born to create superior products in the traditional superfoods industry, with an emphasis on product quality, transparency, and focus on the customer experience.